Sunday, January 27, 2008

What's in a Name?

My last two blog posts started off with Steve Nash. Nash is in the news again. 14 points and 7 assists as Phoenix beat Chicago 88-77. But the better Nash on this day was Rick Nash. He had a hat trick in the NHL All-Star Game game. It was 8-7 for the East over the West. Rick Nash was on the West representing Columbus. The Sabres' Brian Campbell was a shining star as well with one goal and two assists for the East. Last year the Sabres' Daniel Briere was the MVP of the hockey game with five points. Some of the unique names playing in the game this year included:
Zdeno, Anze, Kimmo and Ilya. Those are all first names. Best funny last name: Getzlaf - or "Gets Laughs." Ryan is flyin' for the Anaheim Ducks! He has career-high point streak at 15 games and his next point will give him a career-best 59 points. He's got 29 games left to do it...

One of the best names in basketball is Hedo Turkoglu. He hails from Turkey and nailed a 3-pointer with time expiring to lift the Orlando Magic to a 96-93 victory over the Celtics today.

Spindrift sounds like something your washing machine or snowmobile would do...but that is actually the first name of this week's Sports Illustrated "Faces in the Crowd" high school video face. Swimming is Spindrift's sport and her favorite TV show is "Lost." My daughter and I cannot wait for the 2-hour season premiere this Thursday night at 8:00 pm! Evangeline Lilly plays Kate and it is so cool that her bio on the ABC website actually mentions our city of Kelowna, BC.

No one creates quite as much hype (see previous post) as Oprah! Interesting to note we share four of five letters in our first I think it is safe to say Oprah and I are on a first name basis:)

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  1. Anonymous2:11 pm

    Yes names are funny you wouldn't believe what I've gone through in my life with the name COX....LOL
    Good post Ralph