Thursday, January 24, 2008

Living Up To The HYPE!

Just like last time, I am going to start off with Steve Nash. He is the best passer in the NBA and had 16 assists last night against Minnesota. But the league's worst team beat the Suns, who have the third-best winning percentage in the NBA, 117-107. The league's best team, Boston, lost to Toronto, 114-112. Jose Calderon completed a game-winning three-point play with 10.5 seconds left and finished with 24 points and 13 assists. He is the #6 ranked player when it comes to assists for the season.

What those scores indicate is that old sports cliche:
On any given day any team is capable of beating another team.
You will find that cliche, along with many others, here. I just did a search for hype and got: The sports cliches are swirling in the week of hype before the Super Bowl. Here's a sample of stuff that came out of Atlanta (January 28, 2000; NFL Insider):
"Our offensive line is quick and plays with finesse," says Ram quarterback Kurt Warner. "So I think that helps us to match up well with them."
"A lot of teams seem to play him (Warner) kind of tentative, kind of soft," Tennessee defensive end Henry Ford says. "That's not our mentality. We're not going to change what we do just because we're playing the Rams."
Adds Titans defensive tackle Josh Evans, "This is the Super Bowl. Everything will go up another level."

The "Winter Classic" hockey game in Buffalo lived up to all the hype on NBC-TV and CBC in Canada on New Years Day! Sidney Crosby scored in the shootout to win it for Pittsburgh over Buffalo, 2-1. It was the first ever outdoor game for the NHL in the US! The openings I voiced for MSG-TV December 28, 29th and January 4th added to the hype (I hope). We even used that word in the first script! This is some amazing footage - especially the third intro! A few cliches are thrown in for good measure:) Enjoy!

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