Thursday, June 07, 2012

Rush, Usher and Dan Hurst (Voiceover talent)

Rush has a new album coming out in five days: "Clockwork Angels." Similar in spelling to Rush is Usher and his seventh studio album is out on June 12th as well. Justin Bieber has a new album out June 19 and Billboard has the list of other summer albums to look forward to here.

Below, music and voiceover fun with Dan Hurst! 
Yes, those letters are similar in spelling to Rush and Usher. Here is Dan's latest blog post to Step Up your voiceover career! Great advice Dan! Let me just say I can't do number three because I have a loyal cat named Bunzo:) And for point five I would subtitle it "Think Outside The Box."

By the way, John Cougar Mellencamp is a hop, skip and a jump away in Penticton, BC on June 14th.

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