Friday, September 09, 2011

Friday FUN: Acronym Mania!

BB yesterday for me = Buffalo Bills and Basketball! My best exercise workout of the week happens every Thursday night with my basketball buddies. Here is a flashback from the spring:
Words of Wisdom from the BBall court

My exhibition season recap for the Buffalo Bills runs this weekend on the "Thurman Thomas Show." I'll post the segment (voiced yesterday) in a couple of days.

Our family stays fit here: KFY
Too much fat here: KFC

If you are a voiceover talent, check out VOAT. It is Dave Courvoisier's followup to NVOM. Here is the story. I appreciate your efforts Dave! I like these words of wisdom on Dave's blog today:

There’s still something about VO that has intrinsically changed my approach to RELATIONSHIPS & COMMUNITY.
The Voice Over community has made me appreciate that:
1) I can’t do it alone…or at least that I do it much better with help.
2) My life is richer in association with others.
3) When I give unselfishly, I get that and more in return.
4) Others have similar struggles as I.
5) Together, we’re smarter, stronger, faster.
6) Being an island is lonely.
My two cents: Apply this in your relationships and community. It is not just for voiceover... 


  1. Thank you for sharing this Ralph!!!

    U R DA MAN!



  2. Thx Steven!
    NHL and the NYI are about to get going, eh? Hope it is a great season as the hockey off-season has been marred by tragedy...
    ~ Ralph