Monday, February 07, 2011

Super Bowl - I told you so...Cue the music!

On Friday, I ended my post by saying: I believe Mr. Aaron Rodgers of Green Bay will be the MVP and lead the Packers past Pittsburgh. 27-20 is my prediction. Enjoy the game - and the Super Bowl ads...

Last Tuesday (on my previous post) I finished with these words: pick the Packers to beat Pittsburgh! They are the greatest thing since sliced cheese...

I was right Sunday- and close on the score! 31-25 for the Green Bay Packers! And Aaron Rodgers was indeed the MVP! Brett Favre never did that...


This is my 16th post of 2011 and I haven't linked to any music videos yet this year. My last music video link was December 29th on Great hockey contest! Great music video!

The following Super Bowl ads feature some classic songs. First up, a reworked version of Ram Jam's "Black Betty." It's by Jon Spencer and the Blues Explosion. It is also for Volkswagen - like the cute Darth Vader one in my last post.

Another classic comes into play here by Elton John - thanks to Budweiser:

Which Super Bowl ads did Canadian musician Greg Sczebel like the most? The answer is on his blog.

That was a great Smash Mouth Super Bowl football game!
"Hey now, you're an All Star, get your game on, go play!" Here is a classic music video first of the New Year!

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