Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday Facebook FUN! Hockey Potpourri on the eve of Hockey Day In Canada

Friday mornings status:
Our two oldest teenagers landed great new jobs this week!
Volunteering can open up doors folks:)

Late Thursday afternoon's Facebook status: 
Looking forward to playing basketball tonight! Will wear a Kevin Garnett Boston jersey in honor of Ray Allen, who passed Reggie Miller tonight for first all-time in 3 pointers made in the NBA with 2, 561!

Wednesday afternoon status:
Thank you for the free buttermilk biscuit (and coffee!) today McDonald's...but call it a scone...

Tuesday afternoon Facebook status: Two Florida teams at home Tuesday in the NHL - but NO Canadian teams? What the H-E-double hockey sticks!!
Monday night (Feb. 7) status:
Monday saw Canadian NHL teams win in Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver...Call it a preview to Hockey Day In Canada coming this Saturday, Feb. 12th!
Monday afternoon Facebook status: 2011 Super Bowl champs: Green Bay Packers...2011 NHL Stanley Cup winners in June: Vancouver Canucks!

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