Sunday, October 24, 2010

NFL wrap: One team scored 24 on the 24th

26 teams took to the football field today, October 24th. Only one team scored 24 and that was in the nightcap between Minnesota (24) and Green Bay (28).
Two of Buffalo's division rivals, New England and Miami, were involved in the other 23 pointers.
The Patriots beat the San Diego Chargers, 23-20, while the Dolphins lost to Pittsburgh, 23-22, even though Chad Henne completed 23 passes for the second straight week.
The NBA launches a new season in two nights with three games. That means there will be 12 quarters of action. And I bet there will be at least a couple of quarters where one of the teams scores exactly 24 points.
Check the box scores in two nights and see if I'm right...
And remember, Kobe Bryant is #24 of the two-time defending champion LA Lakers!
Are you happy I said that Herb?

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