Sunday, February 08, 2009

Fitness, Fighting and Biting

I have some recent voiceover work here with video footage that includes:
  • Fitness

  • Fighting

  • Biting

Sounds like a clip involving Mixed Martial Arts? No thanks. The latter two are Buffalo Sabres' openings on MSG-TV. Both aired on a Friday night and featured some fisticuffs. By the way, we beat Montreal this past Friday, 3-2. The first opener ran against the Maple Leafs December 12/08 and the second against the New York Rangers a month ago on January 9/09. Check it out here. But first enjoy this one-two punch:


  1. Anonymous7:37 am

    Hey Ralph, Just had to say your voice is amazing!! You really do have a great Sound! Loved listening to the clips!!! Audra

  2. Thanks for dropping by Audra! Sorry the Sabres beat your hubby's Edmonton Oilers so badly!...just visit my previous post for all the gory details:)
    By the way, your "clips" are pretty good too!

    Note: Audra has been cutting my hair for 18 years now I think...