Thursday, February 12, 2009

JO (VO) Phoenix

The Vancouver Canucks are playing in Phoenix tonight and handling VO (voiceover) duties on the TV broadcast here is JOhn Shorthouse with color commentator JOhn Garrett. On the radio side, JOey Kenward is calling the game. Former Canuck, Ed JOvanovski (Jovo Cop), is on the blueline for Phoenix now. He also used to be with Florida, just like Phoenix's second leading scorer this year, Olli JOkinen. Olli was traded from the NY Islanders to Florida in the summer of 2000, along with Roberto Luongo, in exchange for Mark Parrish and Oleg Kvasha. JOvanovski and JOkinen both assisted on a late second period goal by Derek Morris past Luongo.

JOaquin Phoenix had a strange appearance last night on "The Late Show with David Letterman." He did a horrible job in promoting a new movie or a "new" career as a hip-hop musician. There is a picture here and an article from The Washington Post. VERY bizarre! When I saw that photo, I thought he was trying to fit in with ZZ Top or something...

Last night, the Buffalo Sabres debuted a very special video before their home game against Ottawa. It will be running before every other home game this season too as they fight for the playoffs. The story behind the video and the video itself are here. Wish I could be in the building tomorrow for all the atmosphere as the mighty San JOse Sharks come to Buffalo! Listen for my opening VO on MSG-TV. In the meantime, here is another VO I did in December when another California team came to Buffalo. Warning: there is a bit of Christmas music:)

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