Thursday, February 07, 2008

Nash & Shaq & my basketball play-by-play!

Steve Nash has got to be smiling with the arrival of his new big target from Miami, Shaquille O'Neal. After seeing the interview with Shaq this morning, I believe he can lead the Phoenix Suns to the promised land: an NBA championship. He is very elephant...I mean, eloquent. Seven-foot-one and 325-pounds, Shaq already has four titles. I know he would like to reach the six Michael Jordan has!

When it comes to Hollywood though, Shaq has a better resume than Michael as far as I am concerned...My agent just had me audition as a basketball announcer for an industrial video. The project could end up on
the Internet as well. Have a listen here to my little tribute to Michael Jordan.

I hope I can be as eloquent as Shaq tomorrow (Friday) morning on CBC Radio Daybreak South with Marion Barschel. I am dropping by the studio at about 6:45 am (PST) for some hockey fun as the legendary "Hockey Day In Canada" happens Saturday on CBC-TV! Click on Kelowna Friday morning here if you want to listen in:)

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