Tuesday, February 12, 2008

BRI(Y)AN Power!

The Buffalo Sabres have turned a major corner and moved into the playoff picture after shellacking the Senators tonight, 5-1. There were 8 other games today and they were all pretty tight: three 4-2 scores, two 4-3 scores, two 3-2 scores and a 2-1 final. Brian Campbell assisted on Thomas Vanek's first two goals tonight. T-V scored with 4 minutes left to get his first ever hat trick and 20 goals on the season! Brian Campbell had three assists in the previous game - a 5-3 win over Florida. He is now tied for fourth in NHL scoring for defensemen and we NEED to get him signed to a long-term contract before the trading deadline on February 26!

Bryan Trottier is a Hockey Hall of Famer and a class act on and off the ice. Read the local newspaper article here.

Bryan Cox also hails from the province of Saskatchewan - like Bryan Trottier. He is a talented voiceover artist who is a finalist in the 2nd Annual Voicey Awards and the category of Lifetime Achievement. Bryan Cox started blogging last month and I like his style a lot. His most recent post plugs all the different Voicey Awards nominees but his humble nature neglects to toot his own horn - so I'm doing it here Bryan...you NFL Football lovin', NASCAR drivin', Saskatoon "Blades Of Glory" guy...

Last but not least is Brian Hart. The voiceover community appreciates his time and effort in moderating different discussions and offering encouragement at the one-of-a-kind Voiceover Bulletin Board. Brian also jumped on board with his blog last week. I'm looking forward to checking it out regularly. Keep up the good work Brian! That includes providing imaging for an ESPN affiliate, the Inside Carolina Radio Network and numerous sports podcasts and webcasts.

This morning I had some major technical difficulties with my router and modem and spent a lot of time on the phone with some customer service people getting it resolved. Who do I blame? I'm going to say my neighbour two houses over...maybe the fact he's got Christmas lights still on here on February 12 did something?!? Three trees below believe it or not...


  1. Anonymous5:01 am

    Thanks for the plug buddy!! Funny Stuff but you should've mentioned I'm the Canadain "Susan Lucci" of Voice Over Awards...lol
    Cheers and don't get sun burned out ther in BC


  2. Anonymous9:01 pm

    Bigbry is comparing himself to Susan Lucci? Wow, maybe I got the wrong picture of him. Seriously, thanks for the mention Ralph.