Monday, June 21, 2021

Tee It Up⛳ or Tree It Up🌲

My latest posts on Instagram all seem to have Trees to some degree in the background👀

If you want to be picky, those are plants above the birthday boy, Justin, on lucky June 13th🏀

How do you like my new backyard hoop? 

Lots of trees! 
A famous basketball Tree was probably very excited to see the team that drafted him 14th overall in 1977 win game 7 against the '76'ers last night. Tree Rollins spent a decade with the Atlanta Hawks and was known for his defense and shot-blocking⛔
I see Tree turned 66 last week so belated Happy Birthday!

I was blessed yesterday to celebrate my 30th Father's Day💗💞
Thanks to this tribe for a nice evening out!

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