Tuesday, January 21, 2014

All Good (Sports) Things Come To An End

The only thing this guy couldn't do? Cook.
Congratulations on your retirement Anthony Calvillo!

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I introduced you to Wade Redden and Santa Claus last month. He recently retired after 14 years in the NHL. Don't worry kids. Santa is still going strong!

Henrik Sedin is seeing his ironman streak end tonight for the Vancouver Canucks at 679 games. It started in March of 2004 but last Thursday he took a late crosscheck in the back of the ribs against Phoenix. Sedin has also been playing through a finger injury that requires him to wear a splint. So Henrik won't be in the lineup tonight against Edmonton.

To extend Henrik's streak though, the Canucks should have brother Daniel wear his jersey. As you'll see here, the refs have trouble telling them apart sometimes...

Joining Henrik on the sidelines is his coach. Yes, "All Good Torts Things Come To An End." John Tortorella should NOT have done this Saturday night. The NHL has suspended Torts for 15 days, without pay.

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