Monday, March 25, 2013

March Madness & Voiceover talents

There were 50 basketball games played in March Madness between Wednesday and Sunday night. It wasn't until the 50th and final game that a team ended up with exactly 50 points in their score.

Maybe the most disappointed voiceover artist with that score is my friend, Jane Ingalls. Not too long ago, her daughter played basketball on the Creighton women's team.

This hockey guy picked ALL 12 games correctly in the East Regional for Sports Illustrated's Bracket Challenge. I have Indiana winning it all two weeks from tonight!

If Kansas and Florida collide this weekend, there could be a little friendly trash talk going on between Derek Chappell (Jayhawks fan) and Caryn Clark (Gators fan).

But I think if Tim Tebow shows up with a pre-game speech for his alma mater, you will be cryin' the blues Derek:)

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