Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Welcome Back, Crosby!

Nice Movember moustache there Gabe Kaplan!
Flashback to the late '70's and a young John Travolta in red.

This guy needs no introduction. He returned to the NHL yesterday after missing ten months of action:

Four points for Sidney Crosby yesterday! That concussion cannot keep him from competing anymore! St. Louis will play Pittsburgh tomorrow and then Ottawa visits the Consol Energy Center on Friday. Buffalo doesn't have to worry about Sid the Kid until December 17. Whew!

The NHL is almost 94 years old. The ball/puck got rolling on November 26, 1917 and, as you can see at the link, the Ottawa Senators were one of the original teams. I had the opportunity to do a voiceover earlier this month recapping the Sabres' strong rivalry with the Senators. Where were you in 1997? The Red Wings won it all that season...

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