Thursday, January 06, 2011

Before and After Footage: The homeless man with the golden voice

Unless you have been living under a rock (like Ted Williams may have) this week, you have probably heard the incredible story of the homeless man in Columbus, Ohio who's voice got him noticed. It is a rags to riches story that caused Ted to say: "I can't believe what's going on. God
gave me a million-dollar voice and I just hope I can do right by Him."

Seeing - and hearing - is believing!

The hoopla will continue for Ted. Let's hope he stays humble through all the events -- and that the rest of us remember to lend a hand to those in our sphere of influence.

Hot off the press! Ted's reunion with his mom. Mamma Mia!!

I received a 44-page bank tutorial elearning project today. I sent a note to my client: "Thanks for NOT sending this to the incredible homeless “voice sensation” in Ohio, Ted Williams.":)

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