Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hi Tim! Bye Tom! See you soon Deb Munro

There are still folks in the sports world who carry themselves with a lot of class! Tim Tebow is one. Tom Larscheid is another. Unfortunately Tom is retiring after 30 years as the Vancouver Canucks' colour commentator. Check out some of Tommy's classic calls here.

"The Price is Right" host Drew Carey is carrying a lot less weight now. About 80 pounds less! He has just a bit more to take off.

Voice123 is celebrating their 7th anniversary and meetups are being organized everywhere. In fact, well known Vancouver voice talent and coach Deb Munro and I had planned to meet this afternoon in Kelowna but she was classy enough (as usual) to let me know this morning that her travel times had changed as she was waiting on a script from a client. Believe it or not, Deb is a fan of the Cleveland Indians baseball team. I actually liked them a lot growing up too - especially Andre Thornton, who had to deal with losing his wife and 3 year old daughter in a 1977 car accident. I just noticed in the Andre Thornton article that he was born on August 13th - the same day my wife and I were married 22 years ago (in two weeks).

Today would have been my brother's birthday and I will be visiting the cemetery a little later with my parents. David Hass died early last year and he is deeply missed.


  1. As always, the information in your blog is varied, informative and poignant...

  2. Ralph,

    You are a good brother.

    Best always,
    - Peter