Thursday, November 26, 2009

Hockey voicing X 3

Happy Thanksgiving to my U.S. friends!

Ladies first...
Congratulations to Sherry Ross, who became the first woman broadcaster to provide play-by-play for a full 60-minute NHL game in English!
It happened last night in New Jersey. Hear a voice clip and more here.

I feature many Buffalo Bills flashbacks on this blog so I thought I would throw one in from the Buffalo Sabres. This one opened their game one
year ago today on MSG-TV against the Boston Bruins:

That makes three blog posts in a row mentioning Boston...

I will be doing the PA (public address) at tonight's Westside Warriors game. On behalf of Warriors ownership, staff and fans, I would like to wish the U.S. born Warriors a Happy Thanksgiving!
  • Matt Maher of Avon, Connecticut
  • Jason Nash of Oxnard, California
  • Izaak Berglund of Little Falls, Minnesota
  • Kyle Singleton of Portland, Oregon
  • Tyler Brickler of Riverwoods, Illinois. He will make his debut tonight against the visiting Salmon Arm Silverbacks.
The top scorer in the BCHL is Salmon Arm’s Mark Zengerle, a 20-year-old from Rochester, New York He will be joining West Kelowna’s Justin Schultz at the University of Wisconsin next season.

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