Tuesday, September 08, 2009

I am a Warrior - not a worrier...

This past Saturday and Sunday, I had the chance to be the public address announcer at the final two exhibition hockey games of the Westside Warriors. The last time I did this was two Septembers ago in 2007. I won't have to wait as long for my next opportunity as I'll be doing the Warriors' games on October 2nd and 4th. I have asked my music partner in the booth, Chris, to track down this song to get the fans into the game:
"The Warrior" by Scandal (featuring Patty Smyth) hit number 7
on the U.S. pop charts in September of 1984.

Besides a lightning strike knocking out power for a while, Sunday's game had quite the finish! Westside won 6-5 when they scored with 66 seconds left! Number 24 on defense had a great game with three assists. Hometown boy, Brendan Ellis, also had a couple penalties but number 24 on the other team (Merritt), Joey McEwan, got a little out of control with five seconds left in the game as he picked up two roughing penalties, an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, a ten minute misconduct and a game misconduct!...sounds like John McEnroe in his prime:)

Last night at the US Open, after men's No. 4 seed, Novak Djokovic, defeated No. 15 Radek Stepanek, John McEnroe joined him from the TV booth to play a "fun" grudge match:

In case you are keeping score, John McEnroe and Patty Smyth have been married for twelve years now - and I won my first match tonight in my fall tennis league!

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