Friday, June 12, 2009

Finding your voice through magic?

That was an amazing interview on Tuesday on the NBA halftime show with a proud father named Izzy Rodriguez! Ryan Rodriguez is his young son. He was a boy of few words - until the Orlando Magic got in the picture. Sports columnist Mike Bianchi also wrote about this magical story last month in the Orlando Sentinel. By the way, this website ( does not belong to a voice talent in Orlando but right here in Kelowna.

Ryan or Izzy should have been shooting free throws for Dwight Howard of the Magic last night. He made only 6/14, meaning he missed more freebies than the LA Lakers did in the whole game (5). The Lakers can win the NBA title on Sunday night as they have a commanding 3-1 series lead now.

The 15th Game 7 in NHL Stanley Cup history goes tonight with Pittsburgh in Detroit. Game 7s have provided some of the NHL's finest moments. But it will not compare to my daughter's graduation ceremony!
The world needs you. It needs your voice, your smile.
It needs your talents,
your passion.
It needs all the gifts you have to give.
Listen to your heart,
trust your strengths,
follow your joy.
And give generously
of all those things that make you
so perfectly you.
Because the world needs you...
just as you are.
Thanks Hallmark!
Thank you Ashley!!
Signed, your proud father

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