Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Washington (and) DC comes calling

The Washington Capitals came into Buffalo last night and won 4-2. On Boxing Day, the Caps edged us as well, 3-2, thanks to another highlight reel goal from Ovechkin. I guess that was to be expected since we referred to the "amazing Alex" in the opener on MSG-TV. That script and an article on yours truly was featured on THE Washington Capitals blog known as "On Frozen Blog." Thanks to my voiceover colleague and friend, Gary Kriebel (aka Gustafsson at OFB), for the plug! I have thrown the spotlight on Gary here a couple of times before.

I mentioned in my last post about Trevor Linden's number 16 being raised to the rafters at Vancouver's GM Place. Well, Washington retired number 11 recently and Gary was there to provide some awesome visual evidence. Mike Gartner is the player in question and he is actually my best player on my current fantasy hockey team.

DC (David Ciccarelli) came calling yesterday in the form of an email letting me know about "The Report on the Voice Over Industry 2009." DC is the CEO and President at I know it will be very informative and educational to read...I'll get to it in 2009 David:)
Happy New Year everyone!

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