Saturday, November 29, 2008

Burke-y IS a Turkey!

Hass, Bass and Sapp (not a law firm) did NOT win on "Dancing with the Stars" this week. I have an alibi: I did not get to audition:)

Congratulations to Brooke Burke, who won it all! She is not the turkey but Brian Burke, the former Duck, is. He abandoned the Anaheim NHL ship earlier this month and waddles into Toronto today as the new general manager. Burke has a six-year deal to turn things around in Toronto.

Damien Cox is a columnist for The Toronto Star and his ESPN column last week made light of the best NHL quotes through the first part of the season.

The media will love Brian Burke in TO. He always has something to say!
Here is a quote from Brian Burke at the Top 77 ice hockey quotes at Hockey
”Hockey is a man's game. The team with the most real men wins.”
That made #46 on the list.

Former goalie Sean Burke placed at #20 with: ”It's too easy when you're not winning to look for excuses and point at others for reasons. ”You can say "Oh well, it's this guy's fault or they don't do this well" or you can say "I've got to play better and contribute more". You've got to find another gear and come up with big games.”

Right behind at #21 is Buffalo Sabres color commentator Harry Neale:
”Last season we couldn't win at home and we were losing on the road. My failure was that I couldn't think of any place else to play.” This went back to when Harry was coaching the Canucks during the 1981–82 season.

Harry also made the list at #24: ”Our system of forechecking is to shoot the puck and leave it there.” And he cracked the top 10 hitting #10 with: ”I know my players don't like my practises, but that's OK because I don't like their games.”

Two big wins in a row for the Sabres! 4-3 over Pittsburgh last night and 3-2 against Boston on Wednesday. Tonight we hit the road against Montreal with my "turkey opening" on MSG-TV...

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