Friday, May 02, 2008

Saluting BEER and The BEE!

I voiced this TV commercial today for the first Kelowna Beer Festival at the end of the month. It isn't the best quality video but it will be bigger and better on the big screen beginning Monday...

I had a couple of great new clients come aboard in April:

B-103 - Kelowna's Best Country. They were my #1 client last month in terms of revenue! My next "sessions" there will be tomorrow (and every Saturday from 1 - 5 on the air) and Sunday (9 am to 1 pm).

Independent Comedy Network imaging. This is the series I have done five intros for. One of my contacts there sent through this testimonial today: "Ralph was the first voiceover artist our company worked with, and he made the first-time experience seamless and smooth. His speediness and attention to detail was top notch! His vocal range was impressive, and most importantly he was a true professional, a genuinely nice person, and took our project seriously. We’ll definitely be using his services again soon. There’s no denying that Ralph HAS The Voice!"

- Jamie Flam, Independent Comedy Network, VP Content Development

Westside Eclectic, Creative Director

Thanks Jamie!

I really have some amazing clients. One, Greg Krantz, of Pro Voice Greetings, headed out on vacation today to France and Ireland. But he still had time to email me:
Hi Ralph,
Just a note to let you know I am heading out on vacation and will be out next week. If Kari needs that order while I am gone I am pretty sure I can work something out. I put your check in the mail this afternoon so you should have it next week. Have a great week!!

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