Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Playoff Predictions...take a shot!

My voiceover friend in Buffalo, Peter O'Connell, has picked the Sabres to move on to the Final Four. I am hoping for the same results and Peter and I have said the New York Rangers will not survive past six games. You can see our bold predictions here along with Peter's story about "political interference."

Have some fun and let me know how you think the playoff road will turn out...

by the way, if the Sabres fall short, it's all Peter's fault...
Spoken like a true politician, eh?


  1. Sharks vs Sabres in the Finals. Goes to seven games. Chechoo scores in overtime to win it.

    Guy Kawasaki

  2. I don't know why my friend Guy would start a "rumour" like this:)
    But, the San Jose Sharks are certainly a great team bolstered by the off-season additions of former Buffalo Sabres Mike Grier and Curtis Brown. They also have former Kelowna Rocket and Canadian Olympian Scott Hannan playing solid on defense.

    The Arena Football League team in San Jose is called the SaberCats so deep down Guy is a "Saber fan."

    Guy is VERY talented and gifted!
    START here:
    Read one of his eight books including "The Art of the START."

  3. Um,



    mmmm nope, much like Phoenix and hockey it just makes no sense.


    Best always

  4. Peter, Phoenix and basketball. That is their only chance and a great one it is with Steve Nash. The Phoenix hockey team did have a "Nash" for 2 seasons: Tyson Nash - but they released him last year. He's in the Toronto system but lives in Kelowna during the off-season.