Monday, January 22, 2007

Super Bowl!

You are thinking football after seeing my headline, right? Yesterday the 2 finalists were determined: Indy and Windy. Will be a great game in 2 Sundays!

It was VERY windy at our place December 13. Can you believe the skylight was ripped off our roof after a powerful wind gust? The restoration crew will finally be here tomorrow morning to replace it. Last Thursday and Friday were out because it was snowing too much. A lovely green room, isn't it?
"Ralph On The Roof" will not be happening anymore:) I've climbed out my bathroom window about four times to clear snow off our green tarp and reposition bricks to keep the tarp in place.

Saturday I had a super bowl when I rolled a 292 5-pin bowling - including 5 straight strikes! Beat my 13-year old by only 5 in the first game of the day before gettin' on a roll in the second game. We'll be going at it again next weekend and hopefully include some other family members.

Soup in the slow cooker is pretty awesome too so that equalled another
super bowl for dinner yesterday. Thanks dear!

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