Saturday, February 02, 2008

Thank you Doctor!

My doctor says he doesn't want to see me for a couple of years. I am happy with that scenario because I checked out well during my physical this week! Our health is something we cannot take for cholesterol level went down by 4.37% and my cholesterol/HDL risk ratio improved by 21.56% over the last year-and-a-half.

But, my blogging level is way up:) I had zero posts the last time I saw my doctor and hit 52 posts last month. 8 posts in January topped my previous highs of 6 in both December and November '07. Buffalo Sabres hockey in February is brought to you by Upstate New York Transplant Services reminding you that “You've been given the Gift of Life. Give it back." That is an actual sponsor read this month on MSG-TV.
Click here if you don't believe me. Good advice, don't you think?

I am also pleased to report my January voiceover income topped my November Number$$ by 9.1%! Thank you to my great clients - including new ones like Guelph Hyundai and Gridstone Research. For the latter I did a 5-minute tutorial (click here) and the former was a 60-second commercial (click here).

I want to beat January's totals! And I hope YOU do too:)
And because it is a Leap Year we have an extra day in February!
So I hope there is no slowdown...Enjoy the Sabres' "Old West Showdown" below against the New Jersey Devils from January 12!

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