Monday, February 18, 2008

Chris Bosh and Will Ferrell rock!

"CB4" was a 1993 comedy film (don't let the kids see it!) about a fictional rap group named CB4, named after the prison block in which the group was allegedly formed (Cell Block 4). Chris Rock was the main star. The movie featured a short segment with celebrities Halle Berry, Ice-T, Ice Cube and Shaquille O'Neal. We touched on his movie career in an earlier blog this month. Did you know Shaq had 14 straight All-Star selections before he was left off the team this year?

But CB4 (aka Chris Bosh) of the Toronto Raptors picked up the slack for Shaq as he helped the East beat the West yesterday in the NBA All-Star Game, 134-128. If you are keeping score, Bosh had 14 points AND there were 3 more CB's at the game: former Raptor Chauncey Billups, Washington's Caron Butler (part of the trade that saw Shaq go from LA to Miami) and over on the West: Carlos Boozer. Besides CB players, there are CB teams in the NBA: the Charlotte Bobcats and Chicago Bulls.
In the NHL, there are the Chicago Blackhawks and Columbus Blue Jackets. But the NFL wins this "sporting" competition with 3 CB teams. Yes, there is another Chicago team - the Bears. And, following in the footsteps of Columbus, two more Ohio teams:
the Cleveland Browns and Cincinnati Bengals.

Moon madness! The full moon takes place in three nights. Two nights ago, Chris Bosh had a teammate named Jamario Moon leave his mark at the Slam Dunk competition. This link will show you how he did along with "Superman" Dwight Howard.

Jackie Moon (aka Will Ferrell) did this hilarious basketball beer commercial for the Super Bowl. He has another sports spoof movie set for release February 29. "Semi-Pro" is the title. It is NOT set in Chicago or Ohio - but Flint, Michigan.
Where there is a Will (Ferrell), there is a barrel of laughs.

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