Thursday, December 13, 2007


My Sabres opener last night on MSG-TV went like this:
It seems like forever ago...and the Sabres would like to forget it even happened. The Islanders return to Buffalo for the first time since the season opener. (They won that one 6- 4; we won last night 5-3!)

Two recent corporate videos I voiced are here:

Don't be fooled by the above! I am not a home handyman...

Plenty of great advice for homeowners at this site though: Hometips. Guy Kawasaki's blog had a cool story on the company and their success with Google Adsense. Guy's post ended with these words of advice that can be applied to those of us in voiceover: Do what you love, focus on a niche, find a viable business model, and work for yourself.

Yesterday's post from Guy has a marketing lesson to share as well:

Create something great, sow fields (not window boxes), “let a hundred flowers blossom,” and pray that “regular folks” will spread the word.

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