Saturday, April 13, 2013

2013 Buffalo Sabres Sports Imaging = my Verbal Fastball?

The 1970 expansion cousins in the NHL just played on a Saturday afternoon. The Buffalo Sabres won, 1-0, against Philadelphia while the Vancouver Canucks lost, 4-3, in Colorado.

Maybe you heard me on the MSG-TV broadcast in Buffalo?

Did you know today is National Scrabble Day? I love Scrabble! I came out ahead (324 to 288) last night playing my wife:)

Baseball announcer Tim McCarver probably has Scrabble nightmares. Read this excerpt from the latest Sports Illustrated:

Tim McCarver's 31 year broadcast career will come to a close after he works his 24th World Series this fall. Are you a fan or not of Tim? Who do you like behind the mic for a baseball game?

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