Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tuesday's Terrific Testimonial: NAPA Auto Parts

I did a voiceover for a new client near Cleveland today.
I will post the video for Victory Sports Park in the near future.

In mid-December I mentioned working for a new client that day while also sharing a great testimonial from a long-time client on I appreciate Thank Yous! 
So, here's today's testimonial from my client on the beach in Mexico:
Hi Ralph,
I'm still basking in the sunshine in Mexico (and working of course) but I had some feedback from NAPA that I wanted to share with you. First of all they have confirmed that Series 2 (10 Modules) is a go so I am currently working on those. Also, two of the Vice Presidents that reviewed our training commented specifically on your work.

The VP - Training said - "The guy speaking is really good."

The VP - Sales and Wholesale Markets said - "I find it amazing that the guy speaking never makes a mistake. He's amazing."

If you're still looking for more clients and want to send me a resume I will see that it gets to the right people at NAPA - they are the biggest parts supplier in the world so I have to believe there are opportunities for the type of work you do.
Hasta Luego,
Doug Vickers
Managing Partner, Horizon Automotive Management Products

Wow! I feel like I won an Academy Award or hit the jackpot!
Thank you Doug!

And thank you Lee at BMA Media Group!
I look forward to working with you again too...


  1. Greetings, Ralph! What an awesome note to receive from a client! A client who calls you for repeat projects and wants to refer you to others is every voice talent's dream. Congratulations for yet another piece of evidence about your abundant talent, and best wishes for your continued success!

    PS. If Doug or any of your other clients ever need a female talent for his projects, I hope you'll think of me! :)

    Karen Commins

  2. Hi Karen,
    Thank you for suggesting the idea!
    Exercising Your Creativity to be a Better Voice Talent sounds like a great plan - and blog post you did earlier today:)

    Like NAPA, you are already in Atlanta too.

    ALL the best in 2011 Karen!