Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tuesday's Terrific Testimonial: NAPA Auto Parts

I did a voiceover for a new client near Cleveland today.
I will post the video for Victory Sports Park in the near future.

In mid-December I mentioned working for a new client that day while also sharing a great testimonial from a long-time client on I appreciate Thank Yous! 
So, here's today's testimonial from my client on the beach in Mexico:
Hi Ralph,
I'm still basking in the sunshine in Mexico (and working of course) but I had some feedback from NAPA that I wanted to share with you. First of all they have confirmed that Series 2 (10 Modules) is a go so I am currently working on those. Also, two of the Vice Presidents that reviewed our training commented specifically on your work.

The VP - Training said - "The guy speaking is really good."

The VP - Sales and Wholesale Markets said - "I find it amazing that the guy speaking never makes a mistake. He's amazing."

If you're still looking for more clients and want to send me a resume I will see that it gets to the right people at NAPA - they are the biggest parts supplier in the world so I have to believe there are opportunities for the type of work you do.
Hasta Luego,
Doug Vickers
Managing Partner, Horizon Automotive Management Products

Wow! I feel like I won an Academy Award or hit the jackpot!
Thank you Doug!

And thank you Lee at BMA Media Group!
I look forward to working with you again too...