Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Too many Daves?

In the voiceover world, there are Daves like:
I have linked to each of their blogs above (alphabetically, so you don't think I'm playing favorites) and received a note from Dave DeAndrea today that he redesigned his blog (now called DeVOtion) to now serve as a source of eternal perspective and encouragement to his friends in the voiceover community (and whoever else wants to ride along).

Speaking of riding, did you know that David Brower and CourVO are avid motorcyclists? David B. (aka Big Poppa) hit 50, 000 miles on his Harley over the weekend while CourVO has driven over 250,000 miles on motorcycles. These two Daves and I also place a strong value on our faith and families.

I am not holier than thou – BUT I am “hockier” than thou.
I shared that thought on a friend's blog (sex and the single dad) last night as I told a bit of my story in the comments section. Bottom line, God is the “real deal” in my life too.

I am off to a high school reunion tonight here in Kelowna!
CourVO has his coming up later this month in Greenville, Illinois.

Let's end with a celebration! Dave Stala is a receiver for the Hamilton
Tiger Cats in the Canadian Football League.
Check out his Hacky Sack touchdown dance by clicking here.