Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Elvis' team lost - and I have entered the building AGAIN!

Kansas beat Memphis Monday night, 75-68 in OT, to win the NCAA basketball title. I predicted that! You can ask my teenage son, Jordan.
He picked Memphis. I also exchanged emails with Joe Pinter, one of the producers for the MSG-TV Buffalo Sabre broadcasts. My Kansas prediction was in my email while Joe wrote earlier: Your voiceovers have really added a nice element to our broadcasts, and I'm very happy that you have been in "our mix" the last 2 seasons.

Unfortunately, it is Sayonara to the Sabres for this season as we just missed making the playoffs. But I am doing playoff reads for Shaw TV as we are now into round two for the Western Hockey League. I also just finished my third e-learning project in the last ten days for NogginLabs. Later today I will start on a banking tutorial for the Edcomm Group that should involve an estimated 11-hours of recording time. I have over a week to do that one - but the last weekend of March saw me put in long hours on one that had 221 pages to record.

This past weekend saw me bring on a fantastic new client,
B-103 - Kelowna's Best Country. They want me to be me Saturdays from
1 - 5 pm and Sunday mornings from 9 am to 1 pm. The last time I worked in the radio building was in 1997 with a rock format. I went through training last Thursday and Friday with Dave Pears on the midday show and it brought back memories of 1981, when Dave did the same thing when I was a young and impressionable grade 12 student.
...oh, how things change...and stay the same:)
I had fun aligning country music and timing things out for the news at the top of the hour. Did three breaks an hour and didn't do anything shocking - unless you count the movie passes I gave away to "The Ruins."

I didn't strut either. I also didn't sit. I stood the whole time...hopefully offering a better vocal performance...

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