Tuesday, April 22, 2008

33 + 66 = 99

99 - Wayne Gretzky's old number. On April 18, 1999 it was retired league wide in the NHL. There is a new book out called "The 33-Year-Old Rookie." Chris Coste is a baseball catcher with the Philadelphia Phillies. His road to the big leagues was not as easy as Gretzky's. I love stories like this about perseverance and pursuing a dream! I am hoping Philadelphia's hockey team loses tonight in the opening round of the playoffs. Game 7 against the Washington Capitals. I have 2 Caps in the radio station playoff pool! The other game 7 tonight sees Calgary against San Jose. I'm hoping for the Sharks over the Canadian team as I have 3 "Sharks in the pool" - including their best player, Joe Thornton.

The last time I was in radio (until this month at B-103) I was 33 - 11 years ago. Earlier this month my friend, Stu Gray, turned 33 and he made a list of the first 33 things that came to his mind dealing with things that he has been learning, some quotes that he likes, and just random thoughts. One for every year of Stu's life so far. The list starts off with legendary basketball coach, John Wooden. Last month I referenced Coach Wooden's inspiring website too. I learned a lot by reading Stu's list. Check it out:)

According to government estimates, the world's population will hit 6, 666, 666, 666 on May 10. For what it's worth, that's also the day President Bush's daughter, Jenna, is scheduled to be married in Crawford, Texas. Husband Appreciation Day was yesterday (April 21) so Jenna is off the hook this year...

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