Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Hockey IS Coming & Seeing Red On The Baseball Diamond

Wednesday the 22nd on the calendar. 23 Fridays until Christmas...
Only 11 more Wednesdays until the new NHL season begins!

Seeing red? I am actually wearing a Habs t-shirt now. Meanwhile, those Flames will have a better season than the Canucks for sure.

Even though I have Standard First Aid and CPR now, I don't think I can resuscitate the Canadian dollar:(

With the Canadian dollar at it's lowest level in ten years, it's a great time for voiceover cheques from across the border!

Wish my cheques were as big as this guys'

This is blog post #467. Getting closer to 500...

The Big Red Machine. That sure brings back Cincinnati baseball memories! They won the World Series in 1975 and '76. Then in 1990, they swept the Oakland A's with Lou Piniella behind the bench. The 2015 World Series will be the 111th edition of Major League Baseball's championship series. The tentative start date is October 27th.

My last blog post had footage of Chicago's NHL coach throwing a tantrum. Lou Piniella was known for doing that too. Here he is "losing it" in Chicago a few years ago managing the Cubs...

Good way to lose some weight I guess...

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