Thursday, July 10, 2014

Ten Things On The Tenth From Texas and Beyond


2) I am rooting for Germany in the World Cup final on Sunday versus Argentina!

3) The Women’s World Cup will be here in Canada next year! I am ready to cheer - not announce:)

4) Some more soccer and voiceover thoughts left by me here on Dan Hurst's article at VoiceOverXtra.

5) RG III is getting a statue at Baylor. That's in Texas y'all!
See seven others from the Big 12 conference here.

6) Be inspired! NBA honors ex-Baylor star Isaiah Austin during draft.

7) Faff Camp II is planned for San Antonio next year! March 20 - 22, 2015. The time to register is NOW! You can trust Bob Souer's endorsement!


9) On this Thursday (when I play basketball with the guys every week!), I predict LeBron James will be having a déjà vu season with the Canadian kids in Cleveland!

10) Bill Good announced his retirement today after nearly 26 years at CKNW in Vancouver. He comes from a media family with a strong sports flavor. Read more here.

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