Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday Football Commercial & Baseball's superhero: Freese

Things are looking good in Buffalo right now as both the Bills and Sabres have won twice as many games as they have lost. The Bills take a 4-2 record onto the field for their annual Toronto game this Sunday against the Redskins while the Sabres are in the middle of five straight home games and have a
6-3 record.

Heading into last night's 4-2 win against Columbus, the Sabres had scored 23 goals - matching 23 touchdowns by the Bills. The most famous #23 in sports right now is David Freese of the St. Louis Cardinals. He won game six last night in the eleventh after tying it up two innings earlier!
  • Freese Frame 1
  • Freese Frame 2
  • David slay the giant in the Bible and Jesus was the son of a lowly carpenter. David Freese was in the spotlight last night and I figure the Cardinals have a great shot at winning game seven tonight against the Texas Rangers with Chris Carpenter on the mound.
I provided play-by-play and the announcer tag for the ELECTRIFYING football finish below. The commercial ran last weekend in northern and central California and Colorado:

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  1. ...GREAT commercial spot, Ralphie-Boy!! You sound better than ever. Oh, and about that St. Louis Baseball team--with you rootin' for us we can't lose!! GO REDBIRDS!!