Thursday, March 03, 2011

Persistence and Perseverance

Two recent newspaper articles ended with those words of wisdom from two bright ladies:
  • Dianne Buckner, the host of CBC-TV's hit reality business pitch show, "The Dragon's Den", was in Kelowna last week speaking at the Presidents' Dinner for the Chamber of Commerce. In the Kelowna Daily Courier on February 23rd she outlined her top 10 business tips for the crowd. #10 was Persistence. Learn and get better continuously.
  • Lori Welbourne's column in the Capital News on Sunday, Feb. 27th was her last there as she moves to the Daily Courier's eVent Magazine this weekend. Congrats Lori! The art of happiness says: Perseverance is the key and rejections are just tests to make sure we’re strong enough to push past the pain and carry on towards scoring our goals.
I encourage you to read Lori's whole column, The art of happiness, as she shares how a rejection letter to her cartoonist did not prevent him from reaching the top with MAD magazine.
Here are the top 9 business tips Dianne Buckner shared for entrepreneurs last week in the Daily Courier:
  1. Successful entrepreneurs know how to pitch to get a 'yes' answer. That's the whole basis of "The Dragon's Den" - pitching business ideas to get support and financing.
  2. While focused, entrepreneurs also have to be open and flexible to make deals happen.
  3. Tough times aren't necessarily bad times. Let them spur your creativity.
  4. Stay abreast of trends. Eco-friendly and social media are hot right now.
  5. Successful entrepreneurs are brief. (Another necessity on the TV show).
  6. Great entrepreneurs have a comfort level with their own weaknesses. They understand them and deal with them.
  7. While taking risks, entrepreneurs should still proceed with caution.
  8. Nothing replaces hard work.
  9. But don't work too hard. Respect your health and relationships.