Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Honey, I $hrunk The....

Bank account?
NOT me! This was the statement left by someone else at the instant teller machine at 7-11 today before I withdrew a bit of cash. What a difference a minus (-) sign makes before the account balance. Don't go into debt in December folks!

What a difference a hyphen (-) makes for VoiceOverload.com and VoiceOver-load.com. They are two unique voiceover sites. The former was recently launched on the east coast by Trish Basanyi while the latter has been around since the summer of 2009. It is a web comic by west coast voiceover artist Jeffrey Kafer. Trish's VoiceOverload.com is your source for all things voiceover. I am currently one of five blogs listed. Trish told me on the weekend the URL idea came to her one night around 3 am, so she got right up, went to GoDaddy.com and it was available - which surprised her. There is a category for Art/Comics/Talent Logos but I don't see Jeffrey Kafer there yet. There are links from all over the web to help you find anything and everything voice over related.

The best news is if you want to get listed on VoiceOverload.com, it won't cost you a single penny! Can't beat FREE, can you? The penny may not have a future anyway in North America.

Now, could you pass the popcorn? We're going to the movies...

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