Thursday, October 21, 2010

Food for Thought: Double Dipping & Kelowna Rockets

I haven't posted since Sunday - when I actually blogged twice, or double dipped, for the first time in the four year history of this blog.

That saying became very popular thanks to this "Seinfeld" clip involving chips and George.

Here is another classic "Seinfeld" clip with George and a long john:

In my opinion, the best long johns here in Kelowna are from the Specialty Bakery.

A former Kelowna Rocket double dipped tonight in the NHL. Two goals for Mikael Backlund! Unfortunately, he was the only Flame to score as Calgary lost to Detroit, 4-2.
Former Rocket, Jamie Benn, had three assists as Dallas won against Florida, 4-1.
In progress, another Rocket alum, Kyle Cumiskey, has scored as Colorado trails San Jose, 3-1, in the second.


  1. ...very funny stuff. When we were kids and we wanted to eat something we'd just dropped, we used to 'Kiss it to God'...which somehow destroyed all germs, bacteria and made the food healthier...

  2. I remember dropping a banana while taking a basketball break in 2003 - and still enjoying it (sort of. It was a bit rotten to begin with). The date is easy to remember because that was the summer of the famous 2003 firestorm in Kelowna!

    God was teaching through both those events Herb. He is involved in the little details too, isn't he?

    On a lighter note, here are the Top 15 Seinfeld Food Related Episodes.

    Top that list my crazy Cajun friend!

    ~ Ralph