Friday, July 09, 2010

Friday Facebook FUN! Featuring LeBron

Should I or shouldn't I set up a Facebook Fan Page for my voiceover business? My answer is NO as I feel "there is a lot of  'push comes to shove' or 'gush comes to love' as people in any industry market themselves (ie. LeBron James)."

I shared that thought moments ago on Peter O'Connell's voxmarketising blog. You can read the rest of my thoughts and Peter's heartfelt post here:
taking drastic action

Well, we did this two weeks ago and here we go again with Friday Facebook FUN! Featuring LeBron.

My status this morning: The 2010 Winter Olympic Games cost our province $925 million dollars to stage and host...ironically, this is the same amount as LeBron James' contract in Miami$$
I am looking forward to the day NBA hoops returns to the Pacific Vancouver and Seattle, who still own the Supersonics name...I hear LeBron might buy both cities:)

My status last night: I am wearing MY Heat jersey to men's basketball tonight - and will be scoring more points than LeBron:)

My status yesterday morning: LBJ Watch 2010: LeBron James Jumps Ship to Miami! All over the news & sports...Reality TV show to follow...

Wednesday afternoon status: Hope LeBron announces plans to play pro in Spain tomorrow...enough hype already...BUT it looks like it will be the Knicks or Nets...

Wednesday afternoon link: We do things a little differently in Canada.
I guess that's why Chris Bosh left for Miami...

Tuesday morning status: LeBron is on Twitter now...First tweet: "Hello World, the Real King James is in the Building."...His free agent decision will be delayed for 6 weeks as he masters Twitter...

Tuesday morning link: My high school classmate, Shawn Bird, is a real writer, teacher and a blogger. Shawn also has a birthday today! I invite you to read her latest post, Today I’m 21.

Monday afternoon status: Studio is silent as outside my window I am happy to see and hear the HedgeMasters dealing with 40 hedges in a "violent" manner:)

Monday afternoon link: Maple Leafs' GM Brian Burke keeps his promises - especially to his children.

Life is not all fun and games. Brian Burke learned that this past February. LeBron James learned that last night with "The Decision."