Wednesday, May 05, 2010

5/5/10 = Sammy Hagar + Shane O'Brien

Today is 5/5/10 on the calendar so I am featuring Sammy Hagar's
"I Can't Drive 55":

#55 on the Vancouver Canucks is defenseman Shane O'Brien. I hope NO Blackhawks will be "driving down his lane" trying to score tonight. He is a tough guy who has had 275 penalty minutes the past two seasons. Chicago has a tough #55 too: Ben Eager, who has had 281 penalty minutes the last two seasons.

The song was Sammy Hagar's biggest hit as a solo artist. He joined Van Halen a year after it was released. It was on his 1984 album, VOA, which stands for Voice of America - not Voice Over Artist...

Here are a couple of previous posts having fun with the number 55 too:

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