Sunday, October 25, 2009

Football Females and The Huddle

Catching some Zzzz's...
My game recap script this weekend on the "Thurman Thomas Show" had "more" Z's than I bargained for:
Mark SancheZ, Ryan FitZpatrick and the word capitaliZe.
The Bills won last Sunday against the New York Jets, 16-13, in overtime!

The Buffalo Bills lost a low scoring game a week earlier on October 11,
6-3. The "star" of the game was Cleveland punter Dave Zastudil, who
landed seven of nine punts inside the Bills 20. Here is my game recap.

There are not too many football players with a "Z" starting their last name in the NFL. Only 6 others besides Mr. Zastudil:
- Tom Zbikowski   - Dominique Zeigler
- Joe Zelenka         - Jeff Zgonina
- Keith Zinger       - Jeremy Zuttah

This summer on the blog, Stephanie Ciccarelli introduced us to Ann DeWig, the female promo voice behind the Super Bowl XLIII promos on NBC. Read the article here. And, more words of wisdom this past week from Ann in Stephanie's article, The Only Constant is Change.

I asked Stephanie about the " huddle" I heard about and she responded back very quickly on Thursday afternoon:
We started doing the daily huddles a month and a half ago. Each huddle lasts about 5 minutes (but no more than 8) and consists of each team member sharing:
1. Good News (whether personal or professional)
2. Numbers (as they pertain to their responsibilities in the company)
3. Broken Systems / Opportunities (We believe systems break down, not people, and are always looking for opportunities for improvement)
4. Top Ones (priority for the day)
5. Cheer in recognition of one of the team member's efforts

Stephanie adds," All of us are capable of leading the huddle. They happen at the same time each day and serve as great opportunities to learn, measure our daily progress, converse, and keep us accountable to each other. When you say you will be doing something publicly, it had better get done!"
Voiceover lady Bobbin Beam is liking the Minnesota Vikings (one of four undefeated teams so far) more all the time, but will always be faithful to the San Diego Chargers and Brett Favre's old team, the Green Bay Packers. Bobbin says her hubby Pete is a Chicago Bears guy, so they have a "no taunting rule" when her beloved teams play his.

Bobbin, I checked Chicago's schedule and it looks like you two are safe until the US Thanksgiving weekend when Chicago is in Minnesota:)

PS Two months to Christmas...