Monday, January 14, 2008

4444tune teller

I thought I was done with the four theme I had on 4 straight posts last month starting with Un4444gettable and ending with 4444 Sure! But here we are on the 14th and the Sabres have 44 points after 43 games. It is time for our 4444tunes to turn around! Enough of this "Close, but no cigar" stuff. We have lost three straight games in shootouts! We play the Rangers on Wednesday and I want to see the Sabres smoke them! Our highest paid player, Thomas Vanek, turns 24 on Saturday. Don't wait until the Toronto game that night to light it up Tommy!

My Mom celebrates a birthday on January 17th, while today a voiceover colleague and excellent hockey blogger celebrates his. Gary Kriebel runs Old Dominion Productions and is known as Gustafsson at the On Frozen Blog site. It is focused on the Washington Capitals. A recent post there took a shot at the media in Toronto. All Sabres fans are okay with that! Only the Tampa Bay Lightning and the LA Kings have fewer points than the Leafs right now. A recent call-up by the Leafs is 21-year-old goalie, Justin Pogge. His hockey roots are in this area. Pogge led Team Canada to a 5-0 win over Team Russia to win the gold medal at the world junior hockey championship two years ago and was MVP of the tournament.

The local rock station in Kelowna has a pretty awesome "Rocky Hockey Weekend" promotion going on and just for fun I sent the program director a couple of liners they could mix and use if they so choose:) Enjoy!


  1. Anonymous6:16 pm

    Wow... thanks for the kind words. Not bad for a Sabres fan! ;-)

    May I be even half as successful at the VO thing as you.

    I've returned the link-love on my VO site.

  2. Hey Gary,
    You are doing well in your voiceover venture as well! Just like in hockey, keep drivin' to the ' never know what you might score:)
    Thanks for the "assist" on your website:)