Tuesday, November 07, 2006

To blog or not to blog?

It's been 11 days since I blogged...it has been busy! The Vox Daily Voice Actor Blog from www.Voices.com features an article on yours truly today. Last night on one of my favorite TV shows, "Corner Gas", Hank began blogging and this turned out to be a way for his friends to actually ignore him easier:) "Corner Gas" won the Gemini Award on November 4th for Best Comedy Program or Series! I consider it to be the Canadian equivalent to "Seinfeld."


  1. Hello Ralph,

    Have you been using voices? I’m actually involved with http://voice123.com and really had great results.
    Tell me how the return rate in other websites is.


  2. Hi Joshua,
    Voices.com and Voice 123 have been excellent investments and I recently renewed with both. I am also listed on www.voiceoverdirectory.com under their New Talent section. The small investment there has paid for itself in terms of positioning when people "google" me.

    Thanks for reading my blog Joshua. Two of my biggest clients have actually come from me reading about them at other voiceover blogs. Try to think outside the box! This is a competitive industry but there is plenty of work to go around:)

  3. Anonymous4:52 pm

    So it's the Googling thing that really makes the difference. Mhhhh... I often wonder about Voices and 123 since there are so many places to go where you don't have to pay.

    Thanks for the thought. Check out my blog when you have a minute



  4. Anonymous7:29 pm


    Like you, I've had excellent returns from my memberships with Voices.com and Voice123.com.

    As for blogging, I hope you stick with it; if for no other reason that you give me articles to link to now and then from my voiceover blog.

    Be well,

  5. Hey Bob,
    Blogging is fun and another creative outlet! It's fun to come up with headlines that will draw the reader in. Always enjoy your blogs Bob - and the excellent info you link to, like:
    We are going to talk soon!
    Cheers. --Ralph